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A Moment of Clarity

A Moment of Clarity

Jolene Field has a passion for all things healthy and nutritional and as such decided to turn her passion into a business- the sign of all great entrepreneur’s…

April 2014 was a great month for me because this was the time that I met Jolene and she changed my life- yes no exaggeration, she CHANGED my life.

As a sufferer of IBS, anaemia and a low immune system, I have very much struggled over the years to find a diet that suits my restricted needs and very often have suffered the not so nice symptoms of chronic fatigue and bloatedness amongst other things, I sometimes found it difficult to get through a whole working day without needing to nap or take time out of work and GP’s didn’t know what to do with me- blood tests came back clear and I was at the end of my tether…

Then Jolene attended my event back in April 2014 and invited me to see her at her beautiful home in Colston Bassett for a consultation; Her speciality- The Blood Type Diet.

I was given a quick pin prick in my finger to determine my blood type, which as it happened I’m an O- and then the fun began!  Jolene advised me on all of the foods to avoid that could be making me feel bloated and basically poorly, which for me included sweetcorn, wheat and dairy, which also are notorious in my blood type for weight gain.  She then advised on the foods that are highly beneficial to my blood type, which include lots of greens, certain nuts and loads more!

Interestingly as a type O I should also be eating certain meats & fish, where as my partner who also visited Jolene and is a type A and ex butcher, was told that he would be better as a vegetarian,  limiting his meat intake right back and wow has it been a revelation to see him eating my Quorn fillets and vegetables!

Clarity also offers a fantastic juice cleanse service, whereby Jolene juices fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, bottles them up in her own branded ware and deliver straight to your home or workplace in the morning, so that you can start your three or five day detox as soon as your day begins.  As a keen advocate of juicing I have to say this is a MUST for anyone as it cleanses the system from the inside out and makes you feel amazing, ridding your body of unwanted toxins so that you can effectively ‘start again’, not to mention you will naturally lose weight too (I lost three pounds in three days and over five days my partner lost almost ten pounds)!  You have to love the ethos of Clarity’s juice cleanses- 100% raw, natural, beneficial! (See our juice cleanse diary).

Additional services Jolene has now launched through the Clarity brand include the Clarity Food Box priced at £29.95 per month, which is home delivered (free to all Nottingham postcodes) containing a selection of foods tailored to your blood type and you can also purchase your blood testing home kit for £14.99 & your Blood Type Food List to go with it at £8.99, though a Consultation is advised too (£35.00) for 1-1.5 hours, which include a goodie bag of foods to take away with you.

Recently I also attended- along with some friends, one of Jolene’s Gluten Free Bread Baking Courses, which was led by baking expert ‘Paul the Baker’ of Hambleton Bakery in Nottingham.  We enjoyed a full day of baking several types of gluten free loaves, including linseed bread, sweet potato & linseed and sweet potato, seed and black pepper crackers, which again were tailored to our blood types.  Paul was of course very knowledgeable and we were also treated to a healthy & colourful lunch courtesy of the perfect host.  We got to take our bread goods home with us to enjoy with friends and family and had a wonderful day – I would highly recommend!

3 Day Clarity Juice Cleanse Detox  Diary

Day 1

  • Excited to start the detox – an array of colourful juices fill my fridge!
  • I enjoy my breakfast juice of green’s including Kale, spinach & mint.
  • Lunchtime, a delicious fruity juice of pear, cherry & mint.
  • Started well but by the afternoon started to get very hungry- need something to chew on!
  • Tea time – third juice of greens again, though different ingredients for variety and then my last of the day for ‘supper’ containing carrot amongst other things…
  • No headaches as expected though they are quite common on the first day as the toxins start to leave your body.


Day 2

  • Back to the beginning with my green breakfast but good news is I’m feeling less hungry- must be getting used to it!
  • Lunchtime and its getting easier- daytime is certainly easier than the evening, as I am keeping busy at work, though I do snack on some walnuts and almond flakes just as something to chew on at my desk now and again. (This is ok to do if needed).
  • Evening is where it gets difficult- watching the adverts on TV of junk food and well any kind of food- you suddenly realise how those marketing experts get you fat & unhealthy!
  • The carrot juice is growing on me as originally wasn’t my favourite- tastes are changing.
  • Don’t really feel much different in myself and don’t really feel I’ve lost any weight.


Day 3

  • The last day-come on you can do it!
  • I’m feeling into it now but looking forward to eating again- thinking of all the things I’d like to cook when it’s finished!
  • Love the taste of all the juices now and can envisage doing this regularly as part of my lifestyle/diet.
  • Feel more energised, get up in the morning a lot easier and feel thoroughly cleansed inside- strange feeling and difficult to explain, but feel motivated to just eat healthily from now on-don’t want to ruin the hard work by putting badness into my body!
  • Evening- Pretty hungry now and snack on raisins and nuts.


Day 4

  • The detox is over and I can get back to normal- I start with hot water & lemon first thing, and then move onto some gluten free rice cereal and almond milk, with soup for lunch.
  • I have lost 3 pounds and feel GREAT!


Thank you Clarity!













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