by Fiona Duncan-Steer

Feel The Fear….And Do It Anyway….

Feel The Fear….And Do It Anyway….

Alison Hollingworth’s strap line is ‘Coach, Trainer, Inspiration’ and that she most certainly is…

Stating that she herself lived life the ‘wrong way round’ according to tradition, getting married and pregnant in her teenage years, divorced by the time she was 25 and then going on to develop a serious illness, this motivated her to go back to college and university to do the things she missed out on in her early years.

Alison entered the corporate world with laser sighted goal focus and didn’t stop until she had reached them, but was left thinking ‘is this it?’ Focus, hard work and determination had got Alison to where she wanted to be, but at a high price she felt and it was at this point that she decided to listen to hear inner wisdom and walk her talk.

2010 was the year Alison set up her business Steps Forward and well, she has never looked back…

After reading the bestselling book ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’ by author Susan Jeffers. she contacted the lady herself who was based in America to ask if she could run workshops based around the said book and the rest is history…Alison now runs inspiring workshops based on the concept of feeling the fear and – doing it anyway

With a supportive and empathetic approach, in motivating and inspiring environments, she creates the space for you to have time to be yourself; to make decisions which will enable you to have the life you want and these workshops are aimed at anyone and everyone from manager, to business owner, to husband, to wife, to friend, to assist in giving you the tools and the knowledge to be able to handle anything life throws at you and to help you to identify why you might be stuck in your comfort zone, encouraging  you to take the path to where you should be.

I recently attended one of Alison’s workshops in Mansfield, Nottingham and have to say with no exaggeration, that certain elements I learnt that day have and will literally change my life, why you ask?  Well because I learnt certain things that I will carry with me through my life going forward, that will help me in all kinds of situations I may find myself in  – it is easy for all of us to become bogged down with work and life stresses- these things will always happen and there is no miracle cure for them, so if you can become equipped with the right tools to help you through those difficult times, then wouldn’t we all want to know the secret?  The workshop will take you through tips and techniques based around the famous book and with the added element of interactivity within the group, it really does give you an inspiring experience all round.

I continue to read my book and to practise some of the techniques I have learnt and as mentioned I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future and I very much thank Alison for introducing me to the concept and allowing me to Feel The Feel and Do It Anyway…

Fiona Duncan, RSViP


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