by Fiona Duncan-Steer



I first met Gul Bains-Khosa at a high profile charity dinner at a well known Indian restaurant in Nottingham, as she was offering complimentary henna body art to guests,  which was a nice touch to the evening and also my very first experience of henna…

The traditional style Henna is dark red in colour although appears black,  however I opted for a more original white and bright pink body paint with glitter on the back of my hand, applied in the same way as Henna, which looked stunning, attracted lots of positive attention and even made the papers!

Gul and I Kept in touch and consequently I booked in with her recently for a couple of treatments she offers through her fabulous new business – Beaut-ology

The treatments in question; HD Brows and LVL Lashes went very much hand-in-hand, however can be taken separately also, though I was very pleased to have both done back to back, as it made such a difference to my eye area.

Having had HD Brows done once before I knew roughly what to expect from this treatment, which lasted about 45 minutes and consisted of the upmost attention and care my brows have really ever seen, including plucking, waxing, threading, finished off with a natural tint.  Gul pays copious amounts of attention to detail to ensure not a stray hair goes amiss and her artistic flair ensures she gets the shape perfect for your face shape- I was very pleased with the outcome.

Process: High Definition Brows

A 7 step procedure which includes threading, waxing, tweezing &

tinting to create the ultimate in defined brows. Each treatment is created to

enhance your overall face shape, creating a truly bespoke service.

The treatment is finished off with the application of High Definition Brow make-up to give you a polished look.

More details can be found here :

The second treatment was to my lashes, which have always been naturally very short and straight- LVL Lashes is essentially a state of the art lash perm, which curls your lashes from the root upwards giving length and volume.  A clever treatment which made my eyes ‘pop’ and appear to be more awake than they naturally are- something very handy for a busy woman on the go! As the results last for a good few weeks, I’d advise this for not just special occasions, but to incorporate into your general beauty regime, as it saves you time in the  long-run in having to apply mascara each day if you’d rather not, as you can certainly get away with natural lashes once you’ve been ‘LVL’d!’

Process : LVL LASH LIFT 

  1. Clean lash area
  2. Apply silicon shield to eyelid
  3. Attach lashes to shield
  4. Apply lifting balm to the lash root
  5. Remove lifting balm
  6. Apply volumising fix to lashes
  7. Remove volumising fix
  8. Apply tint to lashes which creates a mascara effect
  9. Remove tint
  10. Apply conditioning serum to the lashes to nourish then and release them from the shield
  11. Comb through the lashes to separate
  12. Enjoy your Lash lift which lasts 6-8 weeks with minimal maintenance and is your natural lashes, no extensions!

More details can be found here :

Gul currently works from her home salon based in Wollaton, which is about a 15-20 minute drive from the city centre of Nottingham.  I was offered a drink on arrival and made to feel very comfortable from the offset, I filled out some forms and Gul couldn’t be more attentive, ensuring I was ok at all times, checking I was warm enough and even offered me a cake at the end of my treatment! I would not hesitate to recommend Beaut-ology for Hd brows, LVL lashes and henna body art and will most certainly be returning.

Fiona Duncan, RSViP