by Fiona Duncan-Steer

Flutter Nottingham

Flutter Nottingham

When asked by Lauren Parsons, the local representative for Flutter Nottingham, whether I’d like to have eyelash extensions, my first reaction was a little hesitant, having never had them before and also being a little wary about having anything ‘done’ to my eyes, I decided that I would give it a go, as I often wear strip lashes for night out, even though they are a nightmare to apply and often take me more than the time they should do, I was hoping that eyelash extension’s would take that stress from my night out prep, but give me the same effect…and boy was I right!

Lauren is a mobile technician and promptly arrived at my house in the early evening in her fabulous Flutter Nottingham branded car, complete with her branded equipment including a fold up couch.

We set up in the living Room and Lauren took me through the process, explaining in detail what was about to happen, as well as checking whether I had any allergies and interestingly asking how I wear my make-up, so that she could decipher the best style of lashes to apply.

The three main styles of lash extensions are ‘natural’, ‘Pop’ and ‘feline’, pop being those that open your eyes and have that ‘pop’ wide awake effect, which seemed very tempting, however I opted for the Feline look in the end, based on my style of make-up and eye shape.

I was asked to lie horizontally on the couch and relax with my eyes closed underneath the lamp, as Lauren began preparing my eyes with a solution to clean off any excess make-up or grime picked up from the day that may prevent the bonding of the lashes.  Before I knew it individual lashes were being applied to my own lashes at a speed only a qualified professional like Lauren would be able to achieve, at the same time as making interesting conversation with me-True professional!

The entire process probably took around an hour and a half, as my lashes were then finished off with a blast of air and mist from a curious pink contraption I thought would do well on a beach holiday.

At most the process can take up to two hours, dependent upon the amount of lashes you have-I was delighted to be told that mine were plentiful and very dark, which made for a great full look post treatment.

I honestly could not stop looking at my results in the mirror as I was pleasantly surprised by the end result-much more effective than I ever thought they would be but natural looking at the same time and I have received lots of positive comments since, with a friend promptly booking in with Lauren the following week after seeing them- Thank you Flutter Nottingham!

Lauren Parsons of Flutter Nottingham is offering RSViP Members 50% off your first lash extensions making them just £50 instead of £100 PLUS 20% off infill’s when booked on the same day-

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Fiona Duncan, RSViP