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Going For Gold With The Starflower Company

Going For Gold With The Starflower Company

Having met Caroline Beasley recently through my business network, I was interested to know more about the wellness packages she offers through her business The Starflower Company- a name that intrigued me in itself…

Caroline is a holistic therapist trained in various types of massage and therapy and very kindly invited me to sample one of her aromatherapy massages, to which I was delighted to oblige!

I was welcomed at her home with a smile and offered a drink of water, taken through a rather extensive consultation, involving discussions about my general health and wellbeing, what I wished to gain from the treatment etc.. and asked to relax on the couch.

an abundance of delicious smells arose around me as Caroline blended a combination of lovely essential oils including Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Lavender and more to calm and uplift at the same time, plus a last minute addition of peppermint as I had mentioned I was feeling a little bloated- perfect!

The full body massage lasted one hour and a half and I can honestly say was one of the best I have enjoyed.  The technique Caroline uses really helped me to relax and sink into the couch-coming very close to nodding off a few times, though I resisted as I wanted to enjoy every minute!

From head to toe my body was massaged and very often I am disappointed that therapists miss out the feet and the scalp during massage, as I feel these are what hold the most tension in the body anyway,  particularly when you have a busy and stressful job or life and so I was delighted when these were included in my lovely treatment.

Caroline checked on me every so often – presumably to check I was still breathing, as I’d by that point gone into a mass state of relaxation so much so that my breathing must have completely shallowed. She also asked how firm I prefer the massage to be- I selected medium to firm, as I don’t like being tickled.

After the treatment I was left to recover and regain myself for a few minutes, drank more water and arose from the couch like a new woman with a refreshed and invigorated energy.

The consultation continued briefly afterwards and I was presented with a bottle of the aromatherapy oil Caroline used within my treatment, which can be used in my vaporise at home along with a hand written card thanking me for choosing Starflower and wishing me well on my journey of wellness.

The treatments offered through The Starflower Company can be booked individually, however Caroline has a new venture recently launched, which includes a package offering called The Starflower Gold Programme encompassing her wellness treatments, holistic therapies, consultations and assessments. There are also a number of gifts thrown in along the way to encourage you such as oils, relaxation music C’D’s and more.

Each session lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours long with Caroline at her home and really is a lovely personal service for those who perhaps prefer to receive treatments and consultations home from home, from the same therapist each time or wish to avoid busy impersonal salons.

Caroline’s aim is to really assist you in Creating better health, wealth and vitality in your life, to encourage you to Re-vitalize yourself with tailor made wellbeing and massage pampering time for your health, which I feel everyone should do compulsory and says,


The whole purpose of the Gold Wellness Programme is to improve your Health, Wellness and Reduce Stress and raise energy. All important when running a business. It is a programme designed for business people, busy mums, dads and corporate professionals, who want to grow their business by investing time in themselves. An area often forgotten by many busy people.”


All details can be found on The Starflower Website –

There is a choice of 5 sessions at £997 and 10 sessions at £1717 -monthly payments optional. (The wellness 10 sessions is normally £2997).

For one off treatments- each session is priced individually between £85 – £130/150 depending on what you would like. Special deals also for clients wanting to pay a monthly standing order and who have time for one  to two sessions per month.

There are also special prices for pamper packages that include 2-3 treatments eg. foot spa, Indian head massage and facial treatment.

Or healthy business energy boosting packages that include consultative sessions and hot stones/Swedish body massage- prices on request.

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