by Fiona Duncan-Steer

Head Of Steam- A Dog Owners Heaven

Head Of Steam- A  Dog Owners Heaven

If you are a dog owner/lover or even in the slightest bit interested in the canine mutts then head down to Head Of Steam (see what I did there) where they have cleverly combined the enjoyment of beer and man’s best friend within one lovely looking dog friendly venue.

Formally Living Room then Missoula Montana situated on High Pavement in the picturesque Lace Market area of Nottingham city centre,  but already a firm favourite in the North of England where the brand is established and extremely popular-  a great foundation to build upon for the guys here in our food loving city.

The menu is a diverse range of cultural dishes, it appears they have wanted to be non committal with the type of cuisine and just go for a bit of everyone to suit all, which actually works and dishes range from Stone Baked Pizzas and Handmade Pies to their ‘World Flavours’ range with the likes of Sautéed Mussels, Moroccan Harissa Marinated Salmon and the UK’s favourite Chicken Tikka Masala.  You can of course also participate in fish and chip Fridays (or any other day for that matter) and they do also cater for breakfast, brunch and lunch- phew!

The venue itself is large covering two floors with bars on both.  The interior has a rustic, warehouse slash country feel with leather arm chairs, tartan fabric and tweed, alongside galvanised effect and bare wooden slatted walls and bare bulb drop down lighting.

It has a cosy feel with different areas to huddle in and the staff were very polite and cheery when we visited for the first time recently offering me a glass of Prosecco (as I am not a beer drinker).  Incidentally the fact that they specialise in craft beers and real ales- if you are not a beer drinker should not prevent you from visiting, as they also offer a great range of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages.

Our dinner selection was challenging to make with there being so much choice, but we decided to keep it simple to begin with and share the nachos to start, which arrived in a large bowl covered in melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, with jalapeño peppers and the sour cream, salsa and guacamole in three separate dishes on the side.

For main I opted for the crispy halloumi & guacamole burger- cheese overload I know, but I couldn’t resist trying the dish as it came with skin on chips in one of those cute little wire mesh baskets.  It also came with roasted pepper, red onions, baby gem, relish and giant beer battered onion rings!

My dining partner went for the 12 inch BBQ hot dog served with pulled pork and crispy onions- a popular choice we were told.

Dessert was just too much for us after two courses, so we opted out of that, but there are some nice classics on there including the firm favourite- Knickerbockerglory.

Whilst we sat and ate, we suddenly noticed that pretty much everyone else had their beloved pet dog with them sat as good as gold by their chairs, wiling for the slightest crumb of food to fall from their owners dinner plates.  It was astonishing that we had not noticed this initially

as the dogs were so well behaved and made little to no noise or smell for that matter.

Obviously every dog is different and animals can be unpredictable, so every experience at Head of Steam will be different, however I would imagine that dog owners would only venture there if they know their dog is to be trusted and has good table manners.

I see Head of Steam positioning themselves in the old style country pub market with a modern contemporary twist due to its city central location, offering a good old fashioned ale selection, a range of cuisines within their menu and a down to earth approach.

I wish them every success with the future.

Fiona Duncan