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Relax & Revive with Chloe

Relax & Revive with Chloe

Mobile beauty therapist Chloe Wellington has recently launched her new brand Relax & Revive to Nottingham, offering a range of treatments including massage, facials, waxing, tinting and spray tans to name a few and I recently had the luxury of one of Chloe’s massages and […]

Head Of Steam- A  Dog Owners Heaven

Head Of Steam- A Dog Owners Heaven

If you are a dog owner/lover or even in the slightest bit interested in the canine mutts then head down to Head Of Steam (see what I did there) where they have cleverly combined the enjoyment of beer and man’s best friend within one lovely […]

La Piel

La Piel

La Piel – meaning ‘skin’ in Spanish is the newly launched brand by Anne Turner- Harrod of Nottingham, an experienced therapist specialising in natural, organic and holistic treatments using products containing only essential oils and paraben free ingredients.

I recently visited Anne at her new digs- The Bay Therapy Centre in Lady Bay, West Bridgford – the first time I’ve had the pleasure of visiting this centre containing all things health and well being under one roof – right up my street!

After checking into reception, I waited for a short while in the calming waiting area until Anne came to collect me to take me into her treatment room- a cosy, low lit, beautifully fragranced room, with a couch and all that is needed to provide luxury holistic facials.

After a busy week – in fact a busy month at work this was just what I needed and so after an initial brief consultation whereby Anne learnt about my skin type, what products I currently use and any problem areas, I was ready to ‘de-boot’ and climb the couch.  Anne left the room whilst I made myself comfortable under a towel with my shoulders bear.  The music played throughout my treatment softly – nice relaxing melodies and along with the essential oils being diffused into the room, I felt relaxed almost instantly.

La Piel offer various luxury facials priced between £75 and £100 – the higher end of the pricing scale yes, however well worth every penny, as facials are all Anne offers under the brand, they are specialised and focused on various skin types dependent upon each individual person- essential oils are blended and various products are used throughout the process – all natural and safe and smelling delicious.  Anne will even blend your very own bespoke oil if you wish.

The Radiance Facial (£100) was what was suggested for me and even the word ‘radiance’ itself excited me, knowing that after lack of sleep recently, my skin must have been looking a little on the dull side and ready for a reboot of radiance…

This holistic treatment works on the skin and the senses to relax the mind and refresh the face and neck- just what the doctor.. or dermatologist ordered.

Blends of natural botanical oils and creams work together with massage, acupressure and drainage movements to hydrate and boost the skins natural brightness.

Blends of neroli, rosehip, frankincense, guava extract, vitamin E and orange flower water were used and the aroma’s were just divine, both uplifting and relaxing at the same time – essential oils really are wondrous things.

The process started with a double cleanse using grape seed and rosehip oils with neroli and bergamot.

Anne then Exfoliated my face with ground olive stones, aloe vera, avocado and coconut oils, petitgrain and mandarin.

A refreshing orange flower and melissa water and aloe toner was used between each stage and a mask blended with cocoa seed butter, neroli, lavender flower oil, frankincense, French clay and aloe vera was applied and left for ten minutes.

A facial oil, with rosehip, jojoba, moringa and neroli is applied with massage and Anne’s technique is both firm and with purpose, but beautifully relaxing at the same time, you can very much tell she has years of experience behind her.

The treatment includes a head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension in these areas- my favourite bit!

After one hour of utter bliss, my face not only looked radiant but it felt so much more hydrated and I myself felt just wonderful.

This is an excellent treatment for dry, mature or sensitive skin, so a real all rounder, however there are other types of facials to choose from with La Piel including ‘Rescue’, ‘Bloom’ and ‘Absolute Glow’ and I certainly suggest contacting Anne to discuss your requirements.

La Piel also operates from The Magnolia Centre on Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottingham and courses of treatments are available to book in advance.

Fiona Duncan

De Vere Orchard Hotel & Bramley’s Brasserie

De Vere Orchard Hotel & Bramley’s Brasserie

Bramley’s Brasserie pays homage to the history and origins of the famous Bramley apple, as the story goes that its location at the Nottingham University Park in Beeston, is where twelve cloned trees are situated, derived from the original Bramley apple tree based in Southwell, […]

The Cornerhouse Experience

The Cornerhouse Experience

Nottingham’s Cornerhouse could strongly be classed as the entertainment hub of the city and has long been a popular destination for all ages, offering various eateries, bar and leisure facilities and fun for all the family… My most recent visit included lunch at Wagamama- a […]

The Botanist West Bridgford – New Vegan Menu

The Botanist West Bridgford – New Vegan Menu

I was delighted to discover that yet another Nottingham restaurant has launched their own separate vegan menu – something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime of struggling with very limited choice over the years when dining out…

Of course I took the opportunity to sample the new menu recently in what I can only describe as one of the most delightful and cosy venues I have visited in quite some time- The Botanist really has a knack for interior design as the decor is outstanding.

To start with I went for the Truffle Mushrooms – served on chargrilled ciabattaGreat flavours and very a generous portion size, I would have still been grateful for half of what was offered, but naturally didn’t complain.  Anything with truffle wins my vote, so a worthy start to my vegan dinner.

Next came the Beetroot , red onion  and fig jam tarte tatin –  a good effort with again a good amount of caramalised onion-great if you have a sweet tooth and comes on a bed of puff pastry- not too heavy which is what I liked about this dish -salad with walnuts was also presented on the side.

For dessert my dining partner and I shared each other’s dishes- coconut rice pudding – a small pot of what I can only describe as sticky rice textured pudding with toasted coconut, minted pineapple salsa and raspberry coulis- a very tropical taste and something I have never experienced, but an interesting take on the traditional creamy ambrosia style we have all grown up with.

A few spoonfuls of the Banana, peanut butter & chocolate ice-cream with salted peanut crumb was just enough to satisfy me and what an impressive dish this was- to make a dairy free ice-cream is an mean feet but one that the chef at The Botanist West Bridgford met with ease.

I look forward to seeing how the new vegan menu develops over time and will be returning for another Green Velvet cocktail or two in the coming few weeks.

Las Iguanas Nottingham

Las Iguanas Nottingham

Popular South American restaurant Las Iguana’s in Nottingham recently underwent a refurbishment and as such decided to host a VIP re-launch and menu taster to celebrate… Las Iguana’s has always been one of my favourites de to its ‘out of town’ feel, exotic interior and […]

Phantom Of Love @ Byron’s Brasserie, Colwick Hall

Phantom Of Love @ Byron’s Brasserie, Colwick Hall

Byron’s Brasserie is an absolute hidden gem within the beautiful historic Colwick Hall-  the ancestral home of Lord Byron himself- A relatively intimate sized restaurant with a traditional style cosy bar area, Byron’s staff always offer a warm welcome and a tentative service throughout which […]

Physiotherapy with Arcadia

Physiotherapy with Arcadia

When I’m offered the chance of an hour long massage, I very rarely decline and so I took myself off to see the lovely Kathryn Priest of Arcadia Physiotherapy, who has very recently opened her new studio on Mansfield Road in Nottingham.

Kathryn gives a very warm welcome as I arrive and makes me feel right at ease with her professional yet approachable manner.  I immediately notice the lovely smell of lemongrass wafting from the reeds on her window sill in the new treatment room and am impressed by the professional lay-out and warmth of the room, having just come in from the freezing cold.

We went through the formalities of a brief assessment and I was asked to filled in a general health form answering some of Kathryn’s questions in the process, mainly based around lifestyle, so that she could determine my posture and best advise me of how to improve it going forward-something I have struggled with for years…

As a large part of my day job involves working, slumped at a desk, I find my posture has suffered over the years because of this and as such I tend to suffer with bad backs at the end of an intense working day, not to mention live with the fear of ending up with a hunch back in my older age.  I was advised to take regular breaks from my computer, to walk around, stretch my legs and to my delight was told that my recent attendance at my local yoga class is fantastic for posture- I’m at least doing something right!

To assess my posture further I changed into more comfortable clothing and stood on a yoga mat, faced towards Kathryn and proceeded to follow her instructions in making a number of poses with my arms up, down, twisted in front and so on, so that she could see how aligned my body was, and true to her brilliant knowledge, she knew exactly what she was looking for and explained where I was even/unbalanced etc and guessed correctly where I may suffer pain – amazing!

Firstly I climbed onto the couch faced down and encountered my very first ever acupuncture session.   Medical acupuncture works with the body’s natural analgesic mechanisms to promote tissue healing and pain relief without the need for medication.  Taken beyond the ancient Chinese traditional therapy, this form of acupuncture is based on clinical research evidence and targets the source of pain for each individual, rather than following a pre-designed body map.

I did feel slightly apprehensive that it may hurt; well the idea of having needles thrust into my shoulders (the areas I get most discomfort) wasn’t pleasant, but actually I barely felt it.  There was narration the whole way through the treatment, which did not last longer than around ten or fifteen minutes and Kathryn explained everything she was doing to keep me at ease.

Time for the sports massage- concentrating on my upper back mainly, Kathryn’s pressure was just right, as I don’t like to be tickled, so a good deep massage was in order, though not too deep that I end up bruised!

Massage therapy has many benefits, not just in the ‘feel good factor’ you experience afterwards, but also affirmed in the clinically researched evidence.  It stimulates the lymph system, which is responsible for filtering toxins out of your tissues and for the more active among us it can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

I felt great, after my massage, very relaxed and actually ready for a good night’s sleep!

It was explained that acupuncture can make you go one of two ways, either making you feel extremely invigorated and raring to go or relaxed and ready for bed- I was the latter!

I highly recommend going to visit Kathryn at Arcadia for any of her treatments including sports massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy, and what’s more as an RSViP member, you will benefit from 25% off your first session (£30 instead of £40).

Fiona Duncan, RSViP





Mojito time at Revolution, Hockley

Mojito time at Revolution, Hockley

The Mojito box comes with everything you need to create Mojitos for yourself, delivered right to your table… In true Revolution style, this innovative idea really does work- gone are the days of waiting at the bar for your one cocktail to be made up […]